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Chaparral 2017-2018: 26.2 Milestones


Phillip and Wendy Kazanjian

Ensign John Kazanjian (son of Associate Professor Phillip Kazanjian and adjunct instructor Wendy Kazanjian, Business Division) recently finished his second phase of flight school in Pensacola, FL and was transferred October 2017 to Corpus Christi, TX for additional flight training. Before attending Purdue University, majoring in mechanical engineering, he took various classes at GCC including playing tennis with the men’s varsity team.

Mark Maier

Mark Maier's (Economics) daughter, Julia, was married this summer at Point Reyes Station. She and her husband Matt live in San Francisco where Julia teaches first grade.

Rory Cohen

Rory Cohen (Journalism) just began embarking on her dissertation topic for her doctorate (in education) at Cal State University, Northridge. She will be looking at the role social media plays in marketing at the community college level. 

Armen Toorian

Armen Toorian (Engineering) and Engineering/Robotics students attended the San Diego Maker Faire where they showcased student projects and shared information about GCC programs; it was very successful!

Joanna Parypinski

Joanna Parypinski (English) had a fantasy/sci-fi/horror story (yes, it’s all three of those genres) published in Nightmare Magazine this month. The story, “We Are Turning on a Spindle,” is available to read (or listen to!) online for free.

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