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Chaparral 2017-2018: 26.2 CSEA Connection

26.2 CSEA Connection

CSEA Connection

by Saodat Aziskhanova
CSEA President


Saodat Aziskhanova

In July of this year Assembly Bill (AB) 119 - Union Access to Employee Contact Info and New Employee Orientations passed.  As a result of passing the law, sections 3555-3559 were added to the Government Code and the Public Records Act at Government Code section 6254.3 amended.

This new law requires public employers to provide recognized employee union organizations with contact information on new hires within 30 days or the first pay period of the month after the employee is hired, whichever is later. This will help to contact new employees more quickly, especially for districts with many school sites and college campuses.

It also requires employers to supply bargaining units with a list of all employees’ names and contact information in the employer’s possession every 120 days.

In addition, this law provides districts a deadline to notify Bargaining units of an upcoming employee orientation, which is broadly defined to include anything an employer would do to orient a new hire such as duties and responsibilities, employment status, benefits or any other related topics. An orientation can be in person, online or through other means. The law includes even an informal instruction process from a supervisor.

The bill provides union participation in orientation of new employees. The new law provides deadlines for employers to provide contact information. This helps CSEA contact new hires more quickly, especially for K-12 districts with many school sites and community college districts with several sites. CSEA sponsored the bill. Any employer claiming it is not required by the law to do an orientation in the past is now required to provide new hires information under this law.

This new law’s amendment to the CPRA (California Public Records Act) will also keep anti-union outside organizations such as “Right to Work” from obtaining employees’ personal mail addresses, making them just as confidential as are currently home addresses and phone numbers (public access being barred).

Please see the list below of current Assembly and Senate Bills that CSEA oppose and support.


AB 1217 Bocanegra Democrat State STEM Charter School in Los Angeles
AB 1220  Weber Democrat  Certificated School Employees: Permanent Status
SB 751 Hill Democrat Repeal School Reserve Balances



AB 156 Wood Democrat Covered California Open Enrollment
AB 834 O’Donnell Democrat Creation of the Office of School-Based Health Programs
SB 133 Hernandez Democrat Protecting Consumers for Health Care Changes Through No Fault of Their Own
SB 223 Atkins Democrat Health Care Language Assistance
SB 231 Hertzberg Democrat Storm Water Treatment Stewardship


In Unity,

Saodat Aziskhanova
President, Chapter 76, CSEA


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