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Chaparral 2017-2018: 26.6 Adjunct Junction

Adjunct Junction

by Brian Reff
2nd Vice President, Glendale College Guild

As we get ready for the mad dash to the end of the semester, I would like to talk to you about some changes here at Glendale College. In total these changes have been both for the good and the bad, and will have occurred in the past, present and/or future. You the reader will get to judge for yourself whether the changes are either good or bad, or don’t really matter to you!

In the area of retirees (or perhaps escapees or parolees) the following people come to mind:

Dr. Ricardo Perez, V.P. of Student Services, will be completing his service with us on June 2, 2018. I would like to wish him the best of everything in his retirement. Dr. Perez will be replaced by none other than our own Dr. Paul Schlossman.

Knarik Khshtoyan in Duplicating will be retiring from Glendale College at the end of June. I will truly miss this outstanding lady as I know many of you will also. I personally cannot say enough good things about Knarik or tell her Thank You enough! Knarik has made my life here at Glendale College very effective, enjoyable and pleasurable. Thank you and wishing you the best of everything in your retirement!

Nancy Jordan, Director of Food Services and Former Adjunct Instructor of Culinary Arts, has retired from Glendale College due to health reasons. Here’s wishing her the best.

In the area of recognitions, I would like to recognize the three following people:

Harriet Cohen, Adjunct Instructor of Non Credit English as a Second Language, for 30 years of Outstanding Service to our Students here at Glendale College.

Amir Nour, College Controller and Adjunct Instructor of Business, for 25 years of Outstanding Service to the Community here at Glendale College.

Zohara Kaye, Past Guild Officer, who will be leaving the Guild Executive Board at the end of this semester, for her many years of Outstanding Service as a Guild Officer.

Things that will have ended or will be ending:

The Employee Recognition Luncheon as it was celebrated through 2017 has changed. The changes that the 2018 version brought created a lot of hard feelings across the entire campus. Here’s hoping that those hard feelings can be fixed.

The possible closure of what was the Milky Way Café. I personally will miss this business as I found it to be a quick and easy place to grab a cup of coffee or tea with friends, colleagues and students.

The possible closure of the campus cafeteria and the loss of jobs associated with it, particularly CSEA Jobs. I have great fears here that if the college closes the cafeteria and turns it over to an outside operator, not only will we see the loss of CSEA Jobs, we will see higher prices for food, fewer operational hours than we currently have and food that is of poorer quality than we currently are receiving.

In the area of positive things that have happened

We have seen the opening of the Sierra Vista Building. We have seen the continued demolition, renovation and construction of buildings here are the Main Campus.

We will have completed another successful year of operation by the Glendale College Food for Thought Food Pantry. A big thanks to all of the people who have made this possible.

We will have had the Guild and Senate sponsored Luncheon in Support of the CSEA Bar-B-Q, which formerly was to be a luncheon celebrating Amir Nour’s 25 Years of Service to the college with a recognition luncheon sponsored by both the Glendale College Guild and the Glendale College Academic Senate, and prepared for us by Chef Andrew Feldman and his outstanding staff and students in the Culinary Arts Department. Be sure to watch your email regarding Amir’s status here at Glendale College.

We will be welcoming some new Guild Officers to the Guild Executive Board and some new Senators to the Academic Senate.

Now for the most important thing affecting adjuncts! Summer is coming, and you are eligible for Unemployment Compensation, if you are not working this summer. If you wish to apply do so after you have submitted your last set of grades. Remember to include the following phrase in your application, “No reasonable assurance of continued employment.”


Thank you very much for reading this issue of Chaparral.

In closing have a great rest of the semester and have a fantastic summer!


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