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Chaparral 2017-2018: 26.3 CSEA Connection

CSEA Connection (November 2017)

CSEA Connection

by Saodat Aziskhanova
CSEA President

Picture of Saodat Aziskhanova

There is a runoff election for CalPERS Board of Administration. There are two candidates on the ballot: Michael Bilbrey and Margaret Brown. Rob Feckner, CalPERS President and former CSEA President, says, “I cannot emphasize enough the value of having such an effective and experienced advocate for public employees on the CalPERS Board. Please join me in helping to re-elect Michael.”

Michael Bilbrey is a classified employee at Citrus College and CSEA’s former Association President. He has served on the CalPERS Board since 2011 and has been a CSEA activist for more than 25 years. You received your ballot in a blue envelope and you can vote by mail, phone or website. The deadline is December 11. We need a leader we can trust with our pension.

CalPERS Runoff Election
Ballot Deadline
December 11

CSEA Holiday Party
December 13
Student Center

Our Chapter election is going as scheduled. We had a second Chapter meeting where nominations for Chapter officers were taken. The election committee will be contacting all nominees. All candidates will put out a letter of intent talking about their goals if elected. Secret ballot voting will follow and a newly elected CSEA Executive Board will start in January for a two-year term.

Classification Study is in progress. The next step is to get drafts of all classified positions from Ewing. Classified employees and managers will review job descriptions and will have an opportunity to respond. After all negotiations on job descriptions, the compensation process will start. We will keep updating classified employees on the progress of the study.

The CSEA Holiday party is on December 13 at noon in the Student Center. It is our tradition to invite everyone to join us to celebrate. We will have raffle prizes as we do every year, and raffle tickets will be available soon. All proceeds will go to support CSEA scholarships for classified employees and their dependents.


In Unity,
Saodat Aziskhanova


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