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Chaparral 2017-2018: 26.4 Governance TidBits

Governance TidBits (March 2018)

Governance TidBits

by Frankie Strong

Governance Office Coordinator

Are you...

a representative on a governance committee?

interested and/or curious about a certain committee?

a person who likes to keep up with what’s going on around campus?

interested and/or curious about a certain committee?

Well then, you are in luck my friend!

A couple of ways you can remain in-the-know is by reviewing committee minutes and by reviewing the Governance Update! Yay!


Minutes are available in SharePoint. You will need your email login to access SharePoint. Here is the link to the governance page: Minutes posted have been reviewed by the appropriate standing committee.


There are five Standing Committees: 1 College Executive, 2 Institutional Planning Coordination, 3 Academic Affairs, 4 Students Affairs, and 5 Administration Affairs. The College Executive Committee is the top committee on campus; therefore, all governance committees report to this committee. The College Executive Committee reviews a monthly report that includes the actions of all thirty-one governance committees.

Governance Update

The report, known as the Governance Update, is posted online and emailed to the college. The Governance Update report consists of actions taken by various governance committees. It is required by Administrative Regulation 2511 the Governance Document. Did I mention that we have thirty-two governance committees? The many subcommittees include committees that are tied to certain areas or departments: human resources, governance, student fees, or the multicultural center to name a few.

Here is a visual for you:

Items mentioned here and other resources are available in SharePoint. Go to the “Committees” tab and select “Governance.”


Have questions about governance?

 Contact your friendly neighborhood Governance Coordinator: Frankie Strong x 5393 email:

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