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Chaparral 2017-2018: 26.2 Classified Council Notes

Classified Council Notes (October 2017)

Classified Council Notes

Wendy Grove

Classified Council President

October has been a busy time for Classified Council. Our board volunteered at the campus-wide 90th Anniversary Party in the Verdugo Gym. The event planning committee did a wonderful job and we were honored to contribute to that special celebration. 

Classified Council also sponsored an informative presentation by Ellen Oppenberg and Beth Pflueger about the Verdugo and Garfield Food for Thought pantries. Both members of the food pantry task force explained the growing student need and gave updates on new donation sources and food and toiletry distribution processes. The talk was followed by a visit to the Verdugo Campus pantry so attendees could see how food is stored and distributed. Please contact me if there are other topics that we should address for a Classified Council-sponsored presentation. We are always open to suggestions. In addition, if you have a presentation you would like to give, we can discuss it.

Every October, Classified Council holds a Tupperware fundraiser to raise money for the Student Worker Scholarships. We had a nice turnout at our table but also offered an online shopping component for more convenience. Only those who came by the on-campus display table could enter the raffle to win Tupperware merchandise.  Karmen Mirzoyan was this year’s winner.  Those who stopped by were also able to sample the See’s Candies peanut brittle that will be among the items for sale in the next fundraiser that will get underway in November.

One of the best events of the year is coming up. The Classified Council Holiday Party at Acapulco in Glendale is going to be held on Thursday, Dec. 7 at 5:30 p.m. The buffet dinner is $20 for members, $25 for non-members. The event is open to all employees and retirees. Go to to find the RSVP form and details. There will be many great opportunities to win prizes, and this party is always a good time.

 December will also be the last chance to pay for membership for the academic year. Dues are only $7 per year. The membership form is on the Classified Council website at If you are not sure if you have already paid or not, you can now check your membership status on SharePoint. Go to and enter your name. You will be able to see if your membership is up to date.  If you have questions about Classified Council, please feel free to address them to me.  


Visit the Classified Council website:


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