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Chaparral 2016-2017: 25.5 Vaquero Wellness

Vaquero Wellness (May 2017)

Tips to Stay Fit and Healthy This Summer

by Rogelio Garcia
Kinesiology Intern at GCC



Make Calories Count

First, cut out any unnecessary calories that can come out of beverages like soda, whole milk, juices, alcohol or sugar-sweetened drinks that can be high in calories. Your first choice to hydrate should always be water, but you can always try putting mint or lemon in the water to add flavor. Another great option can be unsweetened iced tea that can contain a few to zero calories. Get informed about what’s on your plate here:

Take Your Workout to the Water

Summer is always a rush to the water! Although LA may be the perfect beach city, not all of us can spend our whole summer on the sand. Fortunately, there are many options where you can do a 30-min workouts and still chill out with the family. Find your nearest community pool or YMCA, or take a trip to the park in the morning to get your outdoor workout when it’s coolest. Here are some helpful links:,,

Favor Fruit

Want a Snack? Have you gone to your local street fruit guy? Another great option for fun and healthy summer snacks are our very own fruit street vendors here in LA. It is the perfect snack for the summer! For a refreshing treat, grab a bag full of healthy fruits like mango, watermelon, cucumber, coconut, and many other choices!

Tackle the Trails

Want to do some activities to do with your family or just stay fit outdoors? How about a hike! Our LA city has plenty of places for you to discover! A hike for 1 hour walking at 3.0 mph at a moderate incline can burn up to 195 calories! Here are some helpful sites:,

Have a Healthy Cook Out

Food is always the hard part of staying healthy especially in the summer. It seems that the summer encourages us to eat more, drink more, and to gravitate towards sugar. Cooking at home is a great way to make sure what is being put in your body and your families. These websites provide great information on what to eat and the best food choices to make:,

Wellness @ Work!

Are you at work all summer and can’t find the time to hit the gym? Well you are in luck: this summer the Lifestyle Fitness Center will be open for staff and faculty! The hours are TBA but for more information contact Erin Calderone at:


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