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Chaparral 2016-2017: 25.3 Garfield Gleanings

Garfield Gleanings (March 2017)

Garfield Gleanings

by Victoria Cliett
Adjunct Faculty and Student Success Center

The Best-Kept Secret on Campus

The Garfield Campus at Glendale Community College is small, compared to the main campus located at Verdugo, but it offers immeasurable opportunities for students from all walks of life.  The Student Success Center, located in the Mariposa building, Room 211, part of the Noncredit Adult Education program under the Division of Non-Credit courses and Community Education, has been a resource since 1989 where students who want to earn a high-school equivalency diploma or earn high school credits can jump start their education.

Student Success Center offers services that are open enrollment, free, and provide tutoring and mentoring to help students reach the next step in their educational goals.  The GED program has helped over 1500 students earn their high school diplomas.  Students can choose to take an individualized program or take non-credit classes.  Star, a new student who started the program spring semester, has nothing but great things to say:

“ The Student Success Center is very diverse, and it is a college setting.  I’ve never been exposed to a real college setting.  Usually I’ve been in classes with younger adults.  The classes are really small, and the teachers are great.  I love all the teachers; they are going to help improve everyone’s skills to get to where they need to be.” 

The GED program is available to the entire Glendale community, which is invaluable because it provides students a gateway to earning a college degree, better job opportunities, and higher income.  Students can also earn a certificate in Basic Skills.  There are no fees or tuition for the classes.

Student Success Center also collaborates with other departments at the Garfield and Verdugo Campus.  The SSC collaborates with the counselors in academic, career, disabilities, and personal counseling, and, recently, the Student Success Center reached an agreement to have students taking English classes for GED also qualify to take the English placement exam once they earn their high school diploma. 

Many students come to Student Success Center because they enjoy learning, and there are faculty and tutors available to help them.   Most important, the students receive an outstanding level of support for all levels of education.  The open enrollment policy puts students on a path for a high school degree and transfer to the main campus to earn college credits.  If you know a student who would benefit from the Student Success Center services, call extension 5686 or contact Maria Czech at extension 5025.

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