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Chaparral 2016-2017: 25.4 PIO Report

PIO Report (April 2017)

Board of Trustees Elections and Resolution

by Dr. Troy Davis

GUILD Public Information Officer

The Professors for Quality Education (PQE) met with potential Board of Trustee (BOT) candidates December 2016 thru February 2017. These candidates represented Districts (D) that were up for the April 4th, 2017 election.

The candidates interviewed were Rondi Werner D4, Victor Garcia D4, Yvette Vartanian-Davis D4, and Peter Stathis D3.

Those candidates that pulled papers within the month of January 2017 were Rondi Werner, Victor Garcia, Yvette Vartanian-Davis, Peter Stathis, Dr. Armine Hacopian D3, Ann Ransford D2. 

Accepted candidates that collected the appropriate signatures needed to be “confirmed” were Victor Garcia, Yvette Vartanian Davis, Rondi Werner, Dr. Armine Hacopian, and Ann Ransford. These would be the candidates who were invited to the BOT Forum February 28th, 2017 located at Glendale College Campus, Kreider Hall.

Glendale City Elections were held April 4th, 2017. According to the City Clerk’s Office, the final results of the election for Glendale College Board of Trustee were as follows: Ann Ransford D2 was re-elected with 3539 votes; Dr. Armine Hacopian D3 was reelected with 3075 votes; and Yvette Vartanian-Davis D4 won her race with 1685 votes. Yvette defeated Rondi Werner with 477 votes and Victor Garcia with 366 votes. Congratulations to the winners and to the new represented district to the current Board of Glendale Community College. 

With an important addition to all of the city elections was the resolution that was passed by the Glendale College Board of Trustees in support of our Undocumented Students. The resolution is to affirm that official will protect student information regarding their status within the U.S. This come on the heels of several other colleges in the area that have passed similar resolutions. Tony Tartaglia was quoted in the Glendale News Press as stating, “We need to have a safe environment.” The actual wording of the resolution states that “Officials will not cooperate with any federal effort to create a registry of individuals based on any protected characteristics such as religion, nation of origin, race, gender or sexual orientation.” This resolution follows a similar document that was formalized by our Glendale College Faculty Guild supporting a Sanctuary Campus. The rally for Sanctuary Campus was held February, 2017.


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