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Chaparral 2016-2017: 25.1 Governance TidBit

Governance TidBit (September 2016)

Governance Tid Bit

Pieces of the Puzzle

by Frankie Strong
Governance Office Coordinator

Do you like jigsaw puzzles?  It’s a pastime not just for “blue hair” adults but for all.  There are puzzles for all ages!

I love puzzles – maybe because it was my Dad who introduced me to puzzles.  There’s something meditative about sorting the pieces and first finding the edges in order to assemble the frame.  Then fitting the puzzle pieces together by similar hues and using the picture on the box to gain clues as to what piece may go where.  Eventually the pieces reveal a part of the castle, and oh, look the blooming camellia.  The picture comes to life piece by piece.  Until a beautiful scene sits on the table or floor before you.

Governance is very similar to a puzzle in that there are many pieces that make up the workings of governance here at GCC.  I’d like to share with you a few pieces that help to keep our governance system well oiled. These are taken from the “Frequently Asked Questions About Governance,” also known as FAQs About Governance.

What is governance?
Governance is a process involving Students, Classified Staff, Faculty and Administrators in deliberations regarding day-to-day and long-range planning and policies for the college. The governance structure at Glendale Community College (GCC) organizes the decision making process between several Standing committees and subcommittees.

What is the Blue List?
The Blue List is a list of all governance committees on campus and includes committee mission statement, meeting times and the membership composition of each committee.

I want to be a member of a specific committee. How can I accomplish this?
Contact the Governance Office by email to to make known your interest in a specific committee. When an opening becomes available on the committee, the governance office will forward your name to the appointing agency for consideration.

How do new members learn what they’re supposed to do on a committee?
It is helpful for new members to attend the Governance Workshop that is offered during the Fall semester. The workshop introduces you to the governance system at GCC and basic procedures for participating in governance.

New members should contact the agency which appointed them and follow “Governance Best Practices” – a document available on the Governance webpage.

How can I find out what happened at a specific governance meeting?
You can go online and find the most recent copies of minutes that have been forwarded to the governance office at: select the “Committee Minutes” link. If you do not find what you need please contact the chair of the committee. On the Blue List, committee chairs are underlined, this is an email link.
All reported motions are published in the monthly Governance Update.

To review the complete list of FAQs about governance visit the “General Information” section found on the Governance webpage:

And of course feel free to contact your friendly neighborhood governance person, Frankie Strong at or ext. 5393.


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