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Chaparral 2016-2017: May 2017

Editor Opportunity

If you are interested in editing Chaparral next fall, we have an opportunity for you!

Please send an email to Zohara Kaye, Guild president, for more information.

Chaparral by Academic Year

May 2017 - Volume 25, Issue 5

In this issue:

What Binds Us: Civic Engagement 2017 - 2018 by Sandy Somo and Julie Gamberg
Guild News by Zohara Kaye
Speaking of the Senate by Andrew Young
CSEA Connection by Saodat Aziskhanova
Classified Council Corner by Wendy Grove
Adjunct Junction by Ramon Herrera
Garfield Gleanings by Rosemarie Shamieh
Governance TidBits by Frankie Strong
Vaquero Wellness by Rogelio Garcia
Public Planter Project by Julie Gamberg, featuring David Attyah and Beth Kronbeck
What Are You Reading? - Part 1
What Are You Reading? - Part 2

AFT - May 2017

Send your Milestones!

Do you have any significant events you would like to share with the campus community?
Send an email  to Chaparral editor-in-chief Julie Gamberg

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