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Chaparral 2016-2017: 25.3 Patron's Club

Chaparral March 2017

Patrons Club News

The Patrons Club of Glendale Community College/Glendale College Foundation voted at the November meeting to change the way funds are raised for student scholarships at the college. The club has held a fundraiser luncheon each year since 1947.

Several years ago, the Patrons Club merged with the Glendale College Foundation in order to safeguard its non-profit status. Now, the Foundation will take over the club’s function of raising money for student scholarships. Instead of a fundraiser event, the Foundation will conduct an annual appeal, said executive director Lisa Brooks. This change will simplify the fundraising process and make it more cost effective.

The Foundation has set up the Patrons Scholarship Fund in perpetuity under the Foundation’s endowment portfolio. Patrons Club officers will work with GCC’s Scholarship Office on the criteria for selecting student scholarship recipients.

Going forward, the Patrons’ scholars will be selected according to these criteria and will be invited to receive their awards at the GCC Honors and Awards Banquet each spring.

All future donations will go into the Patrons Scholarship Fund.

“Helping students attain their educational goals has always been our purpose,” said Karen Wharton, Patrons Club president. “We are gratified that, after 70 years, our mission will continue through the Glendale College Foundation and Scholarship office.”

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