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Chaparral 2016-2017: 25.1 Classified Council Corner

Classified Council Corner (September 2016)

Classified Council Corner

Wendy Grove

Classified Council President

The new academic year has started and is moving along quickly.  The arrival of the fall semester also means it is time to renew your Classified Council membership if you were a member last year, or join us for the first time!  Dues are only $7 per year. 

There is a membership form on the Classified Council website at For those who are new around here and don’t have any knowledge of what Classified Council does: It is an organization for college staff that provides staff development opportunities, philanthropic activities benefiting students, off- and on-campus events, and opportunities to get to know and share information with colleagues.  A photo gallery of past events can be found on the website at

One of our favorite events is coming up in October.  Dr. Wendy Fonarow, anthropology professor and friend to Classified Council, has presented lectures for us since 2003.  Her talks are not only very informative, but also entertaining.  If you haven’t been to one of her presentations, you need to go this year and see what all the hype is about.

Dr. Fonarow’s presentations are always themed to a holiday, usually Halloween or as she offered last year, Dias de Los Muertos. This year it will be about Guy Fawkes Day. 

“Guy Fawkes: The Political Face of Halloween” will be presented Wednesday, Oct. 26 at 12:20 p.m. in CS 266.  Everyone is welcome and CPGU and Flex will be available.

As part of Dr. Fonarow’s decades-long research and interrogation of Halloween and related holidays, her presentation will involve Guy Fawkes Day and its modern counterparts.  This political celebration with religious implications is the source for the modern face of some anti-establishment organizations and protesters. 

We would like to continue our Get Moving activity series this semester and would love suggestions from our membership.  We are looking for presenters/instructors who can lead a one-hour exercise or fitness introduction (such as beginning yoga, Pilates, etc.) to get participants interested in different areas of fitness.

Also this semester, we will hold our annual holiday See’s candy fundraiser for student worker scholarships.  Announcements on that will be coming later on. 

The annual holiday party at will be in December and members get a discount on dinner.  It really does pay to be a member!

Visit us on the web:




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