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Chaparral 2014-2015: 23.6 Milestones

Patrick Egan

Patrick Egan (English) had a successful production of a show that he developed with his friend John Wood called "Jamming with the Bard."  They performed for a packed audience in a theater at The College of the Desert.  The show is a mix of theater, music, humor, and audience participation which creates a unique Shakespeare presentation.

Wendy Fonarow

This May, Wendy Fonarow (Social Sciences) was a guest speaker at Festival Marvin in Mexico City speaking on the topic or International Music Touring and Festivals.

Additionally Wendy's brother, Dr. Gregg Fonarow, was selected as one of the Top 10 Clinical Research Achievements of 2014 from the Clinical Research Forum Annual Meeting in Washington DC for his landmark study on the treatment of Stroke. Here's an article which includes a picture of Gregg receiving the award.

Jan Freemyer

Brent FreemyerBret Freemyer, son of Ron and Jan Freemyer (Language Lab) received his Ph.D. in Education from the University of Hawaii’s Dept. of Kinesiology and  successfully defending his dissertation on biomechanical analysis of femoro-acetablular impingement.  Bret transferred from GCC to CSUN for his bachelors and received his MA from UH as well.  As if that wasn’t enough good news, he is getting married to Lindsay Hokolani Schmidt in June.

Amity Hume Grimes

Faith Schuyler GrimesOn May 15, 2015, Faith Schuyler Grimes, daughter of Amity Hume Grimes (Lifelong Learning and Parent Education), graduated Summa Cum Laude from Whittier College with distinction in her major (French).  She was also inducted into three honor societies (French, English, and Anthropology).   We are certain that the reason Faith did so well is due to the fact that she and her mom attended the GCC Parent Education Program for the first four years of her life!

Ani Keshishian

Ariana Keshishian and Richard AtwaterAriana Keshishian, daughter of Ani Keshishian (Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent/President) who is an 8th grader at Rosemont Middle School has just won Foothill Municipal Water District's "Water is Life" contest. Glendale News Press published an article "Art contest takes aim at water awareness" which features Ariana's beautiful artwork. 
Ariana is pictured here at the Foothill Municipal Water District's board of directors meeting, with chairman Richard Atwater, where she received her award and a check for $150.  Ariana's homeroom teacher at Rosemont Middle School, Mrs. Mottern, also received a $100 gift card for Ariana's efforts.

Ariana Keshishian's drawing Water is Life

Deborah Hall Kinley

Deborah Hall Kinley (Continuing and Community Education) has successfully defended her dissertation, titled, "Perspectives on Accreditation and Leadership:  A Case Study of a Community College in Jeopardy of Losing Accreditation," at the University of Southern California in Educational Leadership.

Alexa Jean Schumacher

Mia Jean SchumacherIntroducing the newest and smallest addition to the Alexa Jean Schumacher (English) family, Mia Jean!

Mia came to Alexa at 6 weeks, Aug. 2nd, 2014. She was born on June 18th, 2014. She is now 11 months old. Mia is the sweetest, cuddliest, and happiest-hearted baby. She eats and sleeps like a dream (yes, hate away!) and is with the loving family she is meant to be with.

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