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Chaparral 2014-2015: 23.1 Classified Council Corner

Classified Council Corner (October 2014)

Classified Council Corner: Flower Power and New Positions

by Wendy Grove

Classified Council President


Fall is here and it is time to renew your membership to Classified Council or join us as a new member for 2014-2015. 

Membership is open to everyone and costs only $7 per academic year. Classified Council is an organization for classified staff, confidential employees and classified management. Classified Council is dedicated to the social, professional and philanthropic growth of classified employees. Participation in Classified Council enhances your work experience through various activities and informative presentations that promote camaraderie, good morale and staff development.

Your membership entitles you to free admission to special events such as the end-of-the-year picnic and a discounted admission to the holiday party in December.

You also receive birthday recognition and lottery ticket if you enter your birth date on the membership form. You also have the ability to vote in biennial board member elections and the opportunity to serve on committees.

Whether you are new or returning, please fill out the membership form located on the Classified Council website here You may turn in your membership form and dues to the Classified Council mailbox in the mailroom or to any board member.

This is a good time to join Classified Council as we have some special events coming up this year. To start, there are plans in the works for Halloween activities. Keep an eye on your email for details.

In regard to the Classified Council board, we have had some mid-term vacancies occur that included our president, Jenny McMahon’s request to step down. Through the process of nominations and board votes as outlined in the constitution, our board now has a few new members who are able to fill the board vacancies. They are Merrilee Ahaus, Meg Chil-Gevorkyan, Ann Simon and Frankie Strong. We still have one vacancy in the member-at-large position, so anyone interested in joining the board or who has any questions about the level of commitment, please contact me. 

Currently underway is the fall version of the online Flower Power fundraiser that gives Classified Council 50% of the proceeds from the sale of flowers, seeds, plants and bulbs. Our first-time effort in the spring with Flower Power was successful enough that it will likely become a regular fundraiser for us. If gardening isn’t your thing, we will have the annual See’s candy holiday fundraiser coming up. 

We hope you will join us and participate in the events, lectures and fundraisers we have planned for this semester. 


Visit us on the web:



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