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Chaparral 2014-2015: 23.3 CSEA Connection

CSEA Connection (December 2014)

CSEA Connection: History and Procedures

by Saodat Aziskhanova

CSEA President


Picture of Saodat AziskhanovaIt is time when I should give some information about CSEA. CSEA stands for California School Employees Association and was established at the same time as GCC, in 1927.  CSEA currently represents more than 215,000 workers, making it the largest classified employee union in the nation. CSEA’s success in legislation, contract negotiations, retirement benefits, and employee rights is a testament to the hard work of all CSEA members.

There are approximately 750 local chapters in California. Each Chapter has assigned the Labor Relations Representative who is the primary resource for representational issues, including negotiations.

On the CSEA website members can buy discounted tickets to amusement parks, movie theatre tickets, and similar attractions. There are many other services available for members as well: mortgage programs, financial services, and scholarship and grants for members and their dependents.

Our Chapter Election is in odd years, so next election of the Chapter Executive Board will be held in December of 2015.Our executive board currently consists of the elected officers: president, past president (Hoover Zariani), 1st vice president (Bill Elbettar), 2nd vice president (Seboo Aghajani), secretary (Nancy McLees), treasurer (Margaret Nadir), public relations officer (Nane Kakosian), political action officer (Tzoler Oukayan), grievance officer (Narbeh Nazari).

At every Chapter meeting, the treasurer, Margaret Nadir, presents the Monthly Financial Report, and every year in January the annual budget is presented to the members for approval. Thanks to Frankie Strong, the governance coordinator, the Chapter website is regularly updated. The collective bargaining agreement, meeting agendas, and minutes adopted and un-adopted can be found online, as well as our chapter constitution, election rules, duties of the officers, announcements, and chapter meetings calendar.

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