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Chaparral 2014-2015: 23.2 Milestones

Caryl St. Ama

Caryl St. Ama’s (Art) artwork can be seen in the following exhibitions this fall.

Caryl will have three Encaustic monoprints on paper with silkscreen on exhibit at:
Burnt Offerings
Curated by Karen Karlsson
Chaffey Community Museum of Art in Ontario, California
October 30 – January 4, 2015
Opening Artist Reception: November 16, 2014
Burnt Offerings explores the varied artistic expressions possible using encaustic paint. An ancient medium made from beeswax, dammar resin and pigment, encaustic can produce myriad textures and forms and is known for its luminosity. The works in this exhibit highlight some of the most exciting Western artists working in encaustic today.

Caryl will have 5 Encaustic monoprints on paper with silkscreen mounted on wood panel on exhibit at:
Art in Wax
Curated by John Schaeffer and Sherry Ikeda
Gallery 901, Santa Fe, New Mexico
November 21 - December 30, 2014
Opening Artist Reception: November 21, 2014

work of Caryl St. Ama

Caryl had 3 Encaustic paintings in:
LAX WAX EAST, International Encaustic Artists LA Chapter
SCA Project Gallery, Pomona, California
September 13 - September 27, 2014

Caryl had an Encaustic painting juried into:
Devil in the Straight Line
Juried by Henning Haupt
Curators: Flo Bartell and Lola Baltzell
Bakehouse Art Complex
Audrey Love Gallery
Miami, Florida
October 6 - 14, 2014

Daniel Janoyan

Daniel Janoyan (Noncredit ESL) has a website with translations of Armenian Poetry - 

In dedication of the 100th commemoration of the Armenian Genocide, April 24, 2015, "If You Visit Me" a poem written by Hovannes  Toumanian (1869 - 1923), and translated by Daniel Janoyan has been composed into music for SATB Divisi Voices, a cappella, by Kevin A. Memley, "a refreshing and versatile composer whose works have received worldwide attention of audience and performance" and published by Pavane Publishing.  For more information and or to check out the musical piece, please visit or for a copy you may visit

May Jong

May Jong (Studio Arts) was a panelist at the 8th Biennial 2014 Bay-Delta Science Conference in Sacramento, October 28-30, 2014. May was on the panel called "Making Connections: Contemporary Art, Science and Communication" and discussed her art in relation to science. 

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Asmik Oganesyan

Asmik Ofanesyan with GCC students at ASC conferenceIn August 2014, GCC students presented their research results at the National Meeting of American Chemical Society (ACS) in San Francisco. This is the first time our students had the opportunity to share their research with nation's most prominent chemists, and they sure impressed the attending scientists with the quality of their work.

These students were chosen for the independent study program that Asmik Oganesyan (Chemistry) established in the Chemistry department in 2010. They were working on synthesis of potential pharmacological agents that would carry antioxidant properties. Their research was presented previously at local and state conferences, but this presentation was a unique opportunity for GCC students to attend a national meeting and see the power of shared scientific ideas. Leah Andreasian, Colton Ku, Raymond Sarkisian and Mary Abramyan worked tirelessly for two intersessions and completed synthesis of dendritic gallic acid derivatives. The work of the group was generously funded by Title V directors, Dr. Cathy Durham and Dr. Thomas Voden,  and the travel expenses were covered thanks to Dr. Mary Mirch's continued support.

Lee Parks

Lee Miller Parks, (DSPS), has just completed four years as Association Secretary for the state wide California Association for Post Secondary Education and Disability (CAPED). CAPED represents Post Secondary Administrators/Educators of students with disabilities throughout the Community College and four-year university systems. Although no longer CAPED Secretary, Lee will continue to serve on the CAPED Executive Board. Lee, along with GCC colleague, Laura Matsumoto (Kinesiology/DSPS) will serve as the leadership of the Adapted Physical Education CAPED Interest Group representing Adapted Physical Education programs in the 112 community colleges and 4 year institutions.

Mahara Sinclaire

Mahara T. Sinclaire's (Art) painting, “Fountain” 2014 (Acrylic, Unstretched, 74 x 54) was selected for the upcoming 'Fresh 2014" show at South Bay Contemporary. Here is the Artist Statement: 

“Fountain” was inspired by a little girl I saw enjoying the fountain while I was seated at an outdoor café near Los Angeles County Museum of Art. I was struck by the recollection of how thoroughly we enjoy being alive, being in the moment, when we are very new to the experience of life. The figure with the briefcase represents adulthood, when we are striving to “make it”, to maneuver successfully through the society. I am trying to suggest the extreme level of “high-alert” (fear, adrenaline) state of mind during this phase of life, which is so stressful and draining to our life force. The older, seated figure, tired and exhausted from years of stress stares into an empty cup. Trying to make it all work out and add up, worrying all the time that despite the axiom of hard-work and trying one’s best as being a formula for success, it seems one will fall short nonetheless. 

Milestones (November 2014)

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