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Chaparral 2014-2015: 23.2 Governance TidBit

Governance TidBit (November 2014)

Governance Tid Bit: P-R-O-X-Y, Proxy!

by Frankie Strong

Governance Office Coordinator


I’m a voting member on a governance committee but can’t attend the upcoming meeting, what can I do?

Find a proxy! 

All representatives are encouraged to appoint a proxy if they are unable to attend meetings.

Attendance at all committee meetings is mandatory. When a member of a campus governance committee will be absent, the member should make every effort to assign a proxy who will attend the meeting on the absent member's behalf.

Not attending may contribute to quorum challenges and is a disservice to your constituent group.

  • It is recommended that the proxy be from the same constituency as the member.
  • The proxy may not already be a voting member of the committee. As stated in Administrative Regulation 2511, the Governance Document, “one person, one vote.”
  • The proxy is entitled to full voting rights.

The committee chair and minutes recorder should be given notice that a proxy will be in attendance.

For your convenience a form is available online: Governance Committee Proxy Form.

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