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Chaparral 2014-2015: 23.4 PQE

Professors for Quality Education (March 2015)

PQE: PIO Press News

Troy Davis

Guild Public Information Officer



AFT logoAs of February 19th, the Professors of Quality Education (PQE) completed its interviews of the two incumbents. A third candidate, Susan Arnall was also invited, but did not respond to the invitation. Originally, (PQE) planned to have a (BOT) candidate forum Thursday, February 19th, but due to scheduling conflicts of the candidates, the committee was forced to cancel the event. The purpose of the fourm was to have our current incumbents express their goals of current (BOT) members, and (PQE) was to get their recommendations to the Guild membership before absentee ballots went out the first week of March. The (PQE) encouraged newer Guild members to attend this event being that this may have been the first time for some newer employees in meeting the two incumbents. Susan Arnall (a third potential BOT candidate) was also invited for the forum, but had not responded to the invitation, leaving our two incumbents to take to the stage on their own. This event was held Friday February 20th, from 4pm-5pm in Kreider Hall. As a result of both the interviews and the forum, (PQE) gave its recomendation to Guild membership with a $99 nominal contribution. The membership voted to endorse both of the incumbents. The official election takes place April 7th, 2015.


Andra Hoffman is currently in the lead of her election as Board of Trustee Candidate for Los Angeles district. She is leading the polls by a slim margin and it's been too tight to call her the winner outright, but it's much better to be ahead of the race than behind. This election will not be having a run-off; therefore, if Hoffman wins by one vote, she wins the election. Go Hoffman!

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