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Chaparral 2014-2015: 23.1 A Day of Remembrance

A Day of Remembrance and Service (October 2014)

A Day of Remembrance and Service

by Frankie Strong


Two years ago the question was asked, “Do we not recognize 9/11 here at GCC?”

Well, two years ago we didn’t, but now we do. Thanks to the collective efforts of GCC employees and students, indeed, we do recognize September 11, 2001.

It’s been thirteen years since that fateful day. It is now officially called Patriot Day, a day of Remembrance and Service. Not to be confused with Patriots’ Day which is an entirely different event in history (commemorating the first battles of the American Revolutionary War).

At Glendale Community College our efforts to recognize the day include service and remembrance. The following are some of the ways we recognize September 11.

      • The Center for Student Involvement collects donations of backpacks filled with school supplies.
      • A memorial of 300 flags is set up in the quad by the Associated Students of GCC; each flag represents 100 victims for a total of 3000.
      • A memorial wreath is also displayed in the quad.
      • Staff set up a display of more flags around campus.
      • The flag at both the Garfield and Main campuses are lowered to half-mast.
      • There are also quiet reflections that state, “We didn’t forget, we remember.”

It’s a small gesture that hopes to raise awareness and to bring us together. Through these efforts the intent is to honor those who have fallen, to honor the families, the heroes, and the survivors of September 11, 2001.

Thank you.

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