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Chaparral 2020-2021: 29.4 Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor

How’s Your Balance?

Your work-life balance, that is. Figuring how to balance labor and leisure is the focus of this issue of Chaparral.

A year into the pandemic, we’re all still dealing with our own challenges. Those who never stopped working on campus have had to navigate a completely new “business as usual” in unusual and precarious times, and those who have been working from home have had to figure out how to balance parts of their lives that have seemingly collided. For everyone—for those on campus and for those at home—balance is important! But how do we make sure we’re not burning ourselves out?

Read the issue for thoughtful discussions of this balance, how we might begin to recover post-pandemic, and how great work continues to be done in these troubled times. And if you’re looking for ways to enjoy your time away from work, check out your colleagues’ recently recommended books as well as this month’s fun roundup of recipes in the Pandemic Pantry and Potions column!

Stay safe; stay well.

Joanna Parypinski
Chaparral Editor-in-Chief

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