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Chaparral 2020-2021: 29.3 CSEA Connection

CSEA Connection
Building Strength with the Power
of Unity and Knowledge

by Narbeh Nazari
CSEA President


CSEA empowers classified members like you to take control of your own future. We provide services which help you deal with a wide range of job-related issues. Even though we are all different, we share a common belief that if we work hard, we have the right to be treated fairly.

Whether it is through contract negotiations, providing representation or dealing with complex work related issues, your CSEA Chapter 76 Executive Board and Negotiation Team works hard to ensure that every classified employee is treated fairly.

CSEA also fights to protect things that are important to us and our families. These include but are not limited to health benefits, sick leave, cost of living increases, as well as paid time off to spend more time with our loved ones.

Although CSEA fights to protect what is important, it is still our duty as classified employees to make sure that we have an informed knowledge of our contract. The more knowledge we possess, the better we can apply that knowledge to our daily work and ensure that our rights are protected.

Sometimes even long-term union members have confusion regarding certain sections of the contract. Reaching out to a CSEA Executive Board or a Negotiation Team member and requesting clarification is the most basic form of contract education and it will ensure the consistency in contract application throughout the college.

We all can agree that some fights cannot be won alone and because of this we look out for each other. We should all stand together in unity to fight for our rights.

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