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Chaparral 2020-2021: 29.4 Pandemic Pantry and Potions

What’s Cooking at GCC?

Your Chaparral Culinary Guest Editors Sarah and Elena had a blast reading through all your delicious recipe submissions and cooking (and drinking!) them at home. We definitely have some great cooks and bartenders here at the college. We hope you enjoy reviewing the recipes and cooking at home. And we can’t wait to be back in person for a GCC potluck feast when it is safe to return in person!

Dealing with your pandemic garden or farmer’s market’s bounty

Did you do your best to cultivate a pandemic garden last spring with mixed results? Have you made it part of your weekly routine to get a produce delivery or shop safely at your farmers market only to find that there are more leafy greens out there than you know what to do with? We received some recipes to help you cope with a bounty of winter and spring veggies.

Comforting carbohydrates for tough times

There’s no doubt about it. Carbohydrates have the power to make us feel happy and safe when the world around us is confusing. This recipe uses pantry staples to inspire love and security.

A fancy dish fit for a dinner party or a celebration in your pjs

Beef Stroganoff feels is a royal treatment every time! Perfect for special occasions, this recipe is super fun to make (live flames make for a great photo opportunity) and a delicious, comforting meal to enjoy with your loved ones.

What to do with an Instacart mistake

An Instacart order mistake left Chaparral editor Joanna Parypinski with pounds of jalapenos!

To cope, she developed the following recipe for grilled jalapenos wrapped in prosciutto and stuffed with goat cheese…


With less than 15 minutes of prep time, and a healthy fill of apples to replace sugar and flour, the only drawback I see is that you might tend to make the Apple Sharlotka too often. But who is counting? On the other hand, there is always a 4-ingredient sponge cake to get you off to a great start for a more adventurous path.

Cocktails and mocktails for tough days and brighter days too

When we sent out the call for recipes this month one of the first we received was a cocktail submission. We can’t wait to toast in person with a cocktail or mocktail when it is safe to do so!

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