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Chaparral 2020-2021: 29.2 Adjunct Junction

Adjunct Junction

by Juli Wolfgram
2nd Vice President, Glendale College Guild


Hello, Part-Timers!

I was delighted to “see” so many of you at our Part-Time Faculty Guild Meeting on October 3rd! For those of you who could not participate, I will summarize our activities here.

  1. Introduction of Executive Board Members, including our new Guild Liaison coordinator, Joel Weiss!
  2. Negotiations Update by Caroline Depiro, Chief Negotiator for the Guild. Caroline reminds us that soon she will be asking for re-opener suggestions. I strongly urge each and every one of you to go over our Guild Bargaining Agreement. Please help us identify areas where we can improve parity! See
  3. Lara Kartalian, Faculty Development Coordinator, provided a clear and concise overview of not just our Flex obligations, but also our professional development opportunities. She highlighted how we can earn education units for column change, and she reminded us that we can apply for tuition reimbursement, too!
    1. Units: and
    2. Tuition reimbursement:
    3. John Fuhrman, Adjunct Support Coordinator, introduced the Instructor Support Shell in Canvas. He continues to work on content and will be announcing survey workshops. Think of this as a type of Handbook for Part Time faculty!
  4. I reported on the activities of the CFT Part Time Committee, including:
    1. Drafting of a Resolution on Distance Learning Training Standards. Certification should be reciprocal in different districts and follow a state standard.
    2. Legislative Report: AB897 (80-85% assignments) will be reintroduced in the January session. Any bill not related to the fires or to COVID19 failed.
    3. Support for Propositions 15 and 16, but SAY NO on Proposition 22. See The Educators Choice voters’ guide for your voting district.
    4. Reminder of what we can and cannot say about the current elections in our classrooms.
  5. Last, but not least, a robust discussion on Unemployment/Underemployment issues was initiated by Harriet Cohen sharing her good and bad experiences with EDD! Her tip: get on the claim review list!


Ancillary Funds. According to our Collective Bargaining Agreement, Part-Time faculty shall receive stipends for Ancillary Activities. These activities shall not count or be used for purposes of calculating eligibility for full-time, contract or regular status. If you do the work, you should be compensated! See CBA Article VIII, Section 16, Paragraph E.

Underemployment/Unemployment. Governor Newsom’s two-week hold on EDD because of the rising backlog of applications only revealed the depth of the backlog! Many Part-Timers across the state have yet to hear from their summer applications. Do not let this pause deter you from applying if you do not receive any assignments, or if you receive a reduction in assignments. It is our right to apply for UI benefits as we have no reasonable assurance of employment. Again, I will refer you to the Contingent World website for help in the application forms.
Furthermore, I ask that you contact your state representative directly regarding any problems you may have had or have with filing and receiving your benefits. Guild Exec is working on a “how-to” process that will be available soon. In the meantime, find out who your representatives are! Go to:

Emergency Funds. Guild Exec is exploring the possibility of an Emergency Fund for Part-Time faculty based upon voluntary contributions. Come to our membership meeting to learn more!

Disability Benefits. Did you know that Part-Time faculty do not have any disability benefits? In the age of COVID, how do you feel about that?


The last week of October is known as Campus Equity Week across the nation. It is at this time when we raise awareness of the working conditions of Part-Time faculty. This year, because of the national elections, Part-Time Faculty Rights: Campus Equity Week activities will span from the end of October to mid-November.

Based upon previous inquiries, I plan to have online presentation/workshops dealing with propositions on the November ballot, CalSTRs retirement process, lack of disability benefits for Part-Time faculty, contacting our representatives for unemployment rights, and access to ancillary funds.

Help me help you. Let me know of issues and concerns that our community should be made aware!

Again, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at any time, AND, DON’T FORGET TO VOTE!

In unity,
Your 2nd VP,

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