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Chaparral 2020-2021: 29.2 Milestones

MILESTONES of Glendale Community College

Michael Serot

Maisie Rae Wright

Maisie Rae Wright, niece of Michael Serot (Student Services) and granddaughter of former VP Larry Serot, celebrated her first birthday on September 16th.

In addition, his parents, Larry and Hanne, celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on October 12th!


Mark Maier

Mark Maier (Economics) has recent publications (available if you email him):

Special section: Economics Education in the USA Community Colleges in International Journal of Pluralism and Economic Education 11:1 2020

Entrepreneurship: Economic Innovation or Ideological Cover? in Dollars & Sense: Real World Economics July/August 2020

Nareh Manooki

Nareh Manooki (Engineering), with the help of CTE counselors Marisela Canela and Breanna Dulay, as well as Chris Herwerth (Engineering), was able to launch the new Engineering Technology Project-Based Learning Program sponsored by the GCC Foundation.

Click here for image flyer large view.

Joanna Parypinski

Joanna Parypinski and husband Jake

Joanna Parypinski (English) and her husband Jake just bought their first house! In other news, Joanna also stopped dying her hair for the first time in 10 years and has found her first gray hairs, so she’s pretty sure she is now fully an adult.

Jane Stockly

Be Mindful of Monsters

Jane Stockly (Parent Education) is proud to announce the new children’s book, Be Mindful of Monsters, authored by her daughter, Lauren Stockly, and illustrated by Ellen Surrey. Jane took Lauren as a baby to the interactive parenting classes run by the Glendale College Parent Education Program. Later, Lauren was a Glendale College student for two years before moving onto UC Irvine, and then UCLA where she attained a Masters in Social Welfare. Lauren now works as a child adolescent mental health therapist and is also a licensed play therapist.

Ellen and LaurenEllen and Lauren from back in the day when they would team up to draw and create stories together.


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