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Chaparral 2020-2021: 29.5 Governance TidBits

Governance Tidbits

by Frankie Strong

Governance Office Coordinator

Hi Everyone!

I hope you’re doing well and hanging in there. Did you know that we are in process of writing our self-evaluation for accreditation? Are you aware of where to find governance information? Do you like dark chocolate or milk chocolate? Want to know more? Resources of information regarding governance can be found on our main webpage and also in SharePoint.

If you’re ready, I’ll take you on a tour.

First stop the main webpage:

To navigate use the selections on the left side menu (in grey).

Blue List
The complete list of all governance committee purpose and membership. Committees on the Blue List are governance committees that follow the guidelines set forth in Administrative Regulation 2511 (AR 2511).

Accreditation Standards Tied to Governance
A handy list of which accreditation standards apply to which governance committee.

Scheduled Meetings
New for this academic year. When available the agenda for committees are linked on this page.

Committee Minutes
This landing page instructs you to visit the SharePoint document library, we’ll get to that later in this post.

Governance Update
A monthly report of actions taken by various governance committees. This is a great way to keep abreast of what’s happening in our decision-making processes.

Related Links to webpages of the GCC Academic Senate, GCC Board of Trustees, CSEA, Guild, Human Resources, and the State Chancellor’s Office.

Committee Reports
Following are the links to the “Committee Reports” – if you are a representative on a governance committee you would use the form to report back to your constituent leaders on what occurred at the meeting which you attended. Check it out.

Proxy form
All representatives are mandated to attend meetings; if unable to, please find a proxy from your same area/division.

Annual Report
The Annual Report is a summary of actions taken by the Governance Review Committee (GRC) regarding governance practices at Glendale Community College. Please review the content of the report so that you are aware of decisions made which affect the operation of all governance committees.

OK. That completes our tour of the .edu governance page. Wait! There’s more!


To navigate to the next part of this tour you’ll need to sign in using your VPN. We are heading to SharePoint! You can also get here from the .edu site “Faculty and Staff

As you can see, it looks very similar to the .edu page with navigation options on a left-side menu.

The main items here are the MINUTES: Minutes posted here have been reviewed by the appropriate Standing Committee (College Executive, IPCC, Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Administrative Affairs).

Two other great resource links that house more detailed information follow.

Check it out. There is a schedule for reporting minutes (soon after a meeting is ideal, and don’t forget to cc the governance office, me, [])

A culmination of useful how-to’s such as the “Communications & Operations” file that states what is required in the minutes as stated in the Governance Document (Administrative Regulation 2511). “Best Practices” for committee representatives. Also how to get on a committee, minutes format, and other guides.

And of course, please feel free to contact me with any questions. By the way, the question about chocolate at the beginning of this tour – my answer: dark chocolate covered almonds are my favorite!

Thanks for your time today. I hope you enjoyed your tour of the governance pages. Stay well and please take care.

Governance Office

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