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Chaparral 2020-2021: 29.3 Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor

With Thanksgiving having just passed, it seems important in this year of all years to give thanks for what has been helping us get through these trying times. There are so many people in our community giving back and doing amazing work, and they all deserve thanks. But I would like to take this moment to thank the hardworking members of our Chaparral crew. The columnists all have plenty of other work on their plates, but they take the time each month to write articles that connect and inform our community. And none of these issues would look half so good (or even exist, perhaps) without Patricia Chamroonrat putting it all together online. Thank you. And thanks also to everyone who has contributed to our newsletter in some way, even if it was just to send in a book recommendation. It is only through collaboration that a publication like this thrives.

Something else I’m thankful for? My cats. Many of you have also found comfort in the animals around you, which is why we have a wonderful new roundup for this issue, the Pandemic Pet Corner, in addition to all the usual columns. A lot of people contributed wonderful pet photos, so you won’t want to miss it!

This is our last issue of 2020, so here’s hoping for brighter things in 2021!

Stay safe and be well,

Joanna Parypinski

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