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Chaparral 2020-2021: 29.3 Classified Council Notes


by Wendy Grove
Classified Council President


Classified Council is proud to be one of the sponsor organizations for the upcoming virtual retirement recognition event. There are a larger than normal number of retirees this year. Even though the virtual main event will give attention to each retiring member of faculty and staff, I would like to focus on our retiring Classified Council members and recognize their contributions to our organization.

Overall, there are a lot of faculty and staff retiring this year, many leaving this month. And Classified Council is losing a few members!

First, I have to mention the wonderful Merrilee Ahaus. She is not only a longtime Classified Council member, she has also served on the board off and on over many years. Whether as a board member or part of the general membership, Merrilee has had a profound effect on Classified Council and the success of our student worker scholarship fundraisers. She has served on the scholarship committee to select recipients numerous times and assisted at the actual fundraisers year after year. She has been a valued resource to me as president, and some past presidents have relied on her as well. She is a major part of the stability of the organization and I can’t thank her enough.

We are also saying goodbye to other longtime members: Tatyana Bartholomew, Menchie Braza, Frances Faye Cohill, Renato Loredo and Joann Naso. Sincerely, you are all appreciated for supporting and participating in Classified Council.

On behalf of the entire Classified Council Board, I wish you all a wonderful retirement spent doing everything you have been dreaming of doing. Know that you will be missed and that your generosity, dedication to serving students, collegiality and support for our efforts will not be forgotten. Once we can have gatherings again, please know you are welcome as a retired member to join us at our events if you are so inclined. Happy Retirement!

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