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Chaparral 2020-2021: 29.4 CSEA Connection

CSEA Connection

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance

Narbeh Nazari
CSEA President


Every day, you, our classified employees, are making a difference for the six million students they serve across the state of California. Even though school sites are currently closed, this tireless dedication continues because many families need our support. You serve as a lifeline, providing the technology that allows our students to stay connected to their teachers and classmates. You keep campuses clean and safe in preparation for a time when they can return to a new normal.

Classified employees at Glendale Community College are presently working in their offices, at their work stations, from home, and other locations to fulfill the important duties that provide necessary support to the students and public, promote public health, and ensure public safety. Your continued perseverance and dedication to continue the work at hand during these times is recognized and appreciated. Your can-do attitude during these unique times has been nothing short of inspiring. I am humbled to work alongside such a dedicated group and appreciate your continued commitment to serve Glendale Community College.

During previous discussions with our classified employees, many of you mentioned that you continue to work after the official work hours had ended, sometimes sending emails at late evening hours. Here are a few tips to help you maintain a work and life balance in this era of working from home.

Separate your work and leisure area as much as possible.

Try to have a dedicated workspace to help you stay focused when working remotely, but this is as important for switching off when the workday is over. Having a separate area for work makes it easier to mentally move from work mode to home mode.

Go for a walk or have some type of outdoor activity after the workday is over.

This will help you mentally switch to home mode by getting you focused on a different activity, thereby relaxing your mind.

Try planning your activities after your work time.

You have to leave your desk at a specific time to bring your kid home from kindergarten, meet a friend for a drink or catch a class in the gym. By making plans after your work hours, you will have a specific reason to leave work on time. Creating the right boundaries will help you maintain a healthy work-life balance until we can return back to work onsite.



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