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Chaparral 2020-2021: 29.6 Classified Council Notes

Classified Council Notes

by Wendy Grove
Classified Council President

The suggested theme for this Chaparral issue was to reflect on the past academic year of remote work, how it’s gone, what we’ve learned, and how we might be looking ahead.

For Classified Council it was a mixed bag. We didn’t collect dues the past academic year as it would have been difficult to do remotely and the activities we include as membership benefits were greatly curtailed.

Fundraising was usually an in-person activity for Classified Council, with games, food or opportunity prizes. It’s kind of what we are known for. But those activities had to be scrapped. We were able to do an online scholarship fundraiser with See’s Candies and it ended up being quite successful under the circumstances.

Some of the necessary adjustments that were made worked well enough that we may adopt them in the future in-person setting, especially the online fundraising. We could easily make it hybrid for those who want to support the scholarships we sponsor but may not be able to come to an event. There may even be situations where a Zoom meeting may work better than booking a room and pulling our busy Classified Council board members out of their offices. That is something that will be up for discussion in the coming months. The pandemic did force some major changes and adjustments, but they weren’t all bad. I personally love al fresco dining. So, as things gradually return to “normal,” we can incorporate what did work well remotely, while welcoming the return of in-person events.

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