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Chaparral 2015-2016: 24.2 Past and Present GCC Catalogs

Past and Present GCC Catalogs (November 2015)

Coming Soon: Past and Present GCC Catalogs

by Jolie Morris
Student Services

Glendale Community College Catalogs have gone digital, and soon will be available online. Thus making checking course descriptions much easier to access for students, faculty, and staff alike.

Gone are the days where staff members had to locate old college catalogs and then had to copy, fax, or even mail the descriptions to students who were no longer living in the Glendale area. Now former GCC students who are now pursuing degrees from out-of-state colleges or universities can easily access course descriptions for themselves by going to the GCC homepage and clicking under Catalog.

To date, all catalogs from 1960 to present have been prepared and computer scanned. Soon they will be added to the catalogs that already are easily available online. Once this job is completed, I will begin working backwards form 1968, until all the past catalogs are online ready. Soon everyone will be able to access all our catalogs, and take a nostalgic look back into the history of GCC.

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