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Chaparral 2015-2016: 24.4 Tragic Love Stories: A ‘What Are You Reading?’ Division Email Chain

What Are You Reading

Tragic Love Stories: A ‘What Are You Reading?’ Division Email Chain

From: Monette Tiernan

To: English Faculty

Subject: A Nice Break in Your Hectic Day


Well—in my experience, we get too few questions like the following from our students: Can you give me any recommendations for tragic love-story novels?

(This from a male student about to go off to grad school in psychology.)

We chatted a bit.  He’s especially interested in novels post 1970s.  I thought this would be a fun one for you all to ponder.  The student actually left his email so I could forward him more titles.  If you have any, please send on; if it’s really good, reply all.  ☺

Hope you’re all enjoying your day,


- William Juzwiak

...has one of my favorite quotes on love I've ever read.

 "I had jumped off the edge, and then, at the very last moment, something reached out and caught me in midair. That something is what I define as love. It is the one thing that can stop a man from falling, powerful enough to negate the laws of gravity."

Hope this helps! :)

- Rolando Rubalcava

Love this thread! I cannot recommend highly enough Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart. Cheers! 

- Julie Gamberg

 - Francien Rohrbacher







It was sad that I literally had to give considered thought to the last time I read a novel for pleasure! 

- David Fulton

- Sarah McLemore

Ok, not post 1970's, but still my recommendation is Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton - and my experience is that students (like many other readers) are skeptical at first but then totally won over by it.

- Elizabeth Bryer

Warning: More for those who like post colonial texts....and set in India.

I read the book, I met the author after (she is one of the reasons why I am sooo crazy about author readings and One Book, One GCC), and I fell in love with how she structured her story and decided I would be a "structuralist" when it came to writing (it has a unique structure). Another reason why my dream would be to study post colonial writing further.

This prompt reminded me again, how long it has been since I have read for pure pleasure. So glad this thread was started...I have more books to add to my "reading" list.

- Fatema Baldiwala

I've been consumed by Elena Ferrante's Neapolitan novels over winter break - savoring the last 100 pages of the 4th and final book in the series. 

- Sara Bilandzija

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