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Chaparral 2015-2016: 24.2 California Federation of Teachers on Building Power

California Federation of Teachers on Building Power (November 2015)

California Federation of Teachers on Building Power

by Dr. Troy J. Davis

Guild PIO

Glendale College Guild

Many Glendale College Union Members are beginning to hear and understand the concept of "Building Power," a concept sponsored by the California Federation of Teachers, and spoke on by the Guild President, Zohara Kaye, at Institute Day and at the Guild monthly meeting. This slogan is intended to inspire locals to mobilize and protect themselves from the entities that want to tear down unions. 

We cannot forget that historically, the establishment of unions served to protect its employees best interests. Unions brought us the eight-hour workday, addressed safety standards in our classrooms, and established collective bargaining with administration and the district. Compromised unions would mean the concentration of wealth would be to a select few, the middle socioeconomic communities will continue to slide further behind, and those that elect to work for less without the help of collective bargaining will most likely earn 12% less than those who participate in collective bargaining agreements. 

Right now, there is an active attack on unions. One of the court cases, expected to be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court in November of 2015 is Friedrichs vs. CTA. Friedrichs, a teacher who, along with ten other instructors, was recruited by the Center of Individual Rights to help overturn a 1977 court case, Abood vs. Detroit of Board of Education, (1977) which allowed for Agency Shop Clauses of Collective Bargaining. CTA's defense is for Abood to be upheld so that the working class can be protected, and the Building Power campaign began in the hopes of contributing time, energy, support, and ideas, to the cause. Unfortunately, there is a constant risk of unions coming under attack. 

This article is to encourage you to build power by mobilizing with other Glendale College faculty and to inspire you to continue to be the educating experts for all students. Educators know what's best for their profession. Educators must continue to defend public education and avoid the privatization of education. 

As we go into the future of this fall semester, be on the look out for more information on becoming members of the Guild Membership Mobilization Task Force (M&M) as well as information about other Building Power campaigns. Please JOIN UP. Together we stand, but divided we most surely will fall. 


Until then, in solidarity!


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