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Chaparral 2015-2016: 24.6 Adjunct Junction

Adjunct Junction (May/June 2016)

Adjunct Junction:
Filing for Unemployment, Negotiations, Purchasing Power and You

by Ramon Herrera
Adjunct Faculty Representative


As the calendar year comes to a close, adjunct instructors will have an opportunity to reflect on their contributions to the student body, while reflecting on their own future as well. As adjunct instructors never have “reasonable assurance” that a job offer is secured, they cannot necessarily bank on an economic certainty to purchase a large ticket item like a home or take a family vacation abroad. Therefore, some adjunct faculty may want to file unemployment insurance forms while others will likely be applying at different campuses in the hope of landing a full-time teaching position. Consequently, when salaries are being negotiated, many adjuncts “quietly” tune-in hoping that it brings them closer to parity. Thus far, adjuncts have received a 1% differential raise in the first salary negotiations (that’s a raise that is 1% higher than the raise that full-time faculty received) -- with negotiations for proportional office hours or another 1% differential raise per year still on the table. This is what collective bargaining is about! This is what your union is about!

Moreover, many analogies are being used to discuss salary raises. Ron Nakasone, the District’s Chief Negotiator, has used the analogy of purchasing a home on installments (mortgage payments) using one-time money (reserve money) to make the first mortgage payment with no guarantee of future funds available, which is economically not feasible. Ron Nakasone would like to be certain of ongoing money becoming available before granting a raise. Of course, Ron has gained the respect and admiration of the college for his hard work and dedication to our fiscal security. Unfortunately, if this analogy is used, what guarantee will there be with any ongoing money for any salary proposals? Meaning, no one should buy a home without having cash on hand for the home, as there will never be a guarantee of ongoing money that is not on hand. The guarantee of a stable income is the college working together to insure that the best interest of those we serve, the student body is carried out. We must all work together to broadcast that Glendale Community College is truly the premier college in Los Angeles County!

We can also help by ensuring the passage of the Proposition 30 Extension, while continuing to provide a prestigious education to our student body, including offering more courses year round! These small steps will not only spend one-time money wisely, but also insure ongoing money…

In regards to our Guild’s Chief Negotiator workings with the District toward parity, please tune in to our Chief Negotiator’s comments in this regard. In addition, our Guild President, Zohara Kaye, has successfully started the part-time task force, with Joel Weiss as the team leader. Please consider joining the task force by contacting Joel at You are also encouraged to wear blue on Tuesdays to show support for our negotiation team and join our regular Guild meetings on campus along with the Board of Trustees meetings.

In “parity,” your adjunct Guild representative…

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