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Chaparral 2015-2016: 24.6 Garfield Gleanings

Garfield Gleanings (May/June 2016)

Garfield Gleanings

by Rosemarie Shamieh
Garfield Campus

On Thursday May 26, GCC’s Academic Senate presented the 2016 Exceptional Adjunct Faculty Award to Caroline DePiro, Noncredit ESL Adjunct Instructor. 

Caroline DePiro is the tenth recipient of the Exceptional Adjunct Faculty Award (EAFA) at GCC since its inception in 2006! This eminent honor is presented annually to an adjunct faculty member in recognition of exemplary work performance, positive impact on students, professional commitment, distinguished contributions and accomplishments to the college and/or to other professional areas. BRAVO Caroline DePiro!

Noncredit ESL Division Chair Debbie Robiglio sent a message to Noncredit faculty saying, “This is a huge honor.  Caroline is the first Noncredit ESL faculty member to win this award. The Academic Senate selects the recipient based on his or her distinguished contributions within the discipline and/or for accomplishments in other professional areas. There is no doubt Caroline has exceeded in these two areas.” In addition to teaching ESL, Caroline serves on the Negotiations team, on the Guild Executive team as the Garfield Guild Steward, on the Health and Benefits Committee, on the Catastrophic Leave Committee, and as the faculty advisor to the Student Buddhist Club. 

Our Senate President Andy Young described how the award was announced, “As is our tradition for this award, we made the announcement when I and a distinguished group of campus leaders surprised Caroline in her class this morning (unfortunately during a test; oops :-).  Caroline is an excellent, and extremely popular, instructor, which was clear by the thunderous applause which spontaneously erupted from her class when they found out that she was receiving this award.” 

The next time you’re in the Administration Building check out the EAFA perpetual plaque bearing the names of all the EAFA recipients. Then when you pass an EAFA colleague in the hall, stop and take a moment to congratulate them for receiving the highest accolade the college awards its adjunct faculty! 

Now start thinking about who you would want to nominate or receive the 2017 Exceptional Adjunct Faculty Award.

From left to right: Dean of Continuing Education Dr. Alfred Ramirez, Secretary of the Academic Senate Daphne Dionisio, 2nd Vice President of the Academic Senate (and the 2009 recipient of the EAFA award) Dr. Cindy Pollack, Academic Senate President Andy Young, Noncredit ESL Adjunct Faculty and this year’s EAFA recipient Caroline DePiro, Noncredit ESL Instructor Harriet Cohen, Administrative Assistant Deanna Yeterian, Superintendent/President Dr. David Viar, and Vice President of Instruction Michael Ritterbrown.

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