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Chaparral 2015-2016: 24.4 Governance TidBit

24.4 Governance TidBit (March 2016)

Governance TitBit

by Frankie Strong

Governance Coordinator





1.    the imparting or exchanging of information or news.

"direct communication between the two countries will produce greater understanding"

synonyms: transmission, conveyance, divulgence, disclosure; More

dissemination, promulgation, broadcasting

"the communication of news"

  • a letter or message containing information or news.

    plural noun: communications

    synonyms: message, statement, announcement, report, dispatch, communiqué, letter, bulletin, correspondence

    "an official communication"


 Without communication we would not have understanding.  Here at GCC were are constantly communicating.  Instructors to students in classrooms, colleagues to colleagues in meetings, the college to the community; so many scenarios, you get the picture.  Although with all of these communications we still have misunderstandings or ambiguous assumptions on how things work.  Or sometimes all of our hard work and deliberate decision-making is not widely known by the campus – information sharing is another challenge we face.  And thirdly, seeking information can be daunting when we aren’t sure what is available to us or maybe we are not sure where to look.  This article shares certain scenarios that may clear up any mystery when it comes to communications in regards to governance at GCC.

How do governance representatives share the knowledge that they gained from a committee meeting?

Here are a couple of scenarios:

A)     I am a CSEA representative on a governance committee, with whom do I share the great news on what this committee has been working on? 

Answer:  Email your CSEA president and/or 2nd Vice president a brief summary.

Contact information can be found here

B)      If you are a faculty representative email your Guild President or 1st VP OR even better, utilize the online committee report form.  Go here, and select the committee on which you serve on.  Voila!  Easy.

Who should I notify when I can no longer serve my appointment on a governance committee?
Please notify the committee chair and the governance office.  This is especially important for several reasons, one being that the governance office will begin the process of filling the vacant seat.  Another reason is that meeting quorum is affected, it makes a difference between whether there is an absent voting member versus having a vacant seat.
Where can I find information on governance committee decisions?

Read the “Governance Update” – it is a monthly report that includes the actions taken by various governance committees.  It is available on the governance webpage ( ).  Committee minutes can also be found on the governance webpage.  Committee chairs can be contacted as well, email links to committee chairs are within the Blue List, which is also available on the governance webpage.

I have another commitment during the time a meeting is scheduled, what should I do?

Find a proxy – instructions on the criteria of who can be your proxy is available on the governance page and on the proxy form itself ( ). 

Communicate with the committee chair in the event a proxy form is not filled out.  Be sure to provide meeting materials to your proxy; and don’t forget to follow up with your proxy after the meeting to get an update on the good work the committee accomplished.

Where can I get more information?
Ok, these links are great but how do I get there if I don’t have those handy? 

From the GCC home page go to: “About GCC”, select the “Governance” button.  For the Academic Senate from the GCC home page go to: “About GCC”, select “Faculty and Staff” – the buttons for the Academic Senate, Guild, CSEA, and other links can be found here.  Psssst, the Board of Trustees button is located on the yellow band.

Who can I field questions to about governance?
Contact your friendly neighborhood Governance Coordinator.  Frankie Strong x 5393 email:



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