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Chaparral 2015-2016: 24.5 Glendale College Foundation Grants

Glendale College Foundation Grants (April 2016)

Behind the Scenes Look at Glendale College Foundation Grants

by Lisa H. Brooks

Executive Director, Glendale College Foundation

So, you are thinking of applying for a grant from the Foundation this year, but you’re not sure if your idea will fly?  What kind of projects does the Foundation fund, anyway?  Do I have a chance?  Is it worth the time/trouble/work?

As the May 27 deadline approaches, we thought an inside look at what goes into the decision making process might be helpful.

Who decides what gets funded?  The grants committee is made up of Foundation board members, including a Senate representative.  It is chaired by an appointed board member.  Members (usually between 10 to 12 people) review all the applications.  Then they come together as a group to discuss the merits of each proposal.  Their goal is to fund as many projects as possible from the available “undesignated” money.  We have been able to increase the $$’s given out each year since the grant programs inception.

Where does this “undesignated money” come from?  Members of the President’s Circle help to fund our grants.  A President’s Circle member is a donor who donates $1,000 or more each year that is “undesignated”.  Many board members, administrators, faculty, alumni and members of the public are members.  Learn more about this.

What kind of things have you funded in the past?  “Okay”, you’re saying.  “That’s all great, but will my idea have a chance?  And what’s the pattern here?”  Well, here’s the good news.  What we’ve funded in the past is all over the map.  From sending students to the United Nations to purchasing a cyclograph machine for organic chemistry and everything in between.  Like replacing chairs in a classroom, buying skeletons for biology, and replacing aging fitness equipment that was literally held together by band-aides.  It is all based on how much money is available and how the Foundation can make a maximum impact on the college and student success.

 Here is what a couple of our satisfied recipients wrote:

“Thank you again for giving my students an opportunity to express their gratitude for providing the funds for cyclograph. It is an outstanding instrument, and like Bradley (a student) emphasized, knowing how to use it will put our students ahead of their competitors. Thank you for empowering these bright individuals and giving them a brighter future.

Asmik Oganesyan, Assistant Chemistry Professor”

"My Model United Nations team just returned from New York where they participated in the National Model United Nations Conference.  Their participation was in large part due to the Foundation Grant we received. Thanks.”  

Cameron Hastings, Instructor of Political Science.


So, we encourage you to send your good ideas to the Foundation.


Just remember the deadline is May 27, 2016.




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