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Chaparral 2013-2014: 22.4 Let's Really Reach Our Students

Let's Really Reach Our Students (March 2014)

Let's Really Reach Our Students

by Marina Adamian

Once in a while I check my Facebook; yes you read it right, once in a while. The one awesome way that I can connect with family and friends scattered all over the globe.

My eyes caught a post about Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show. It was about a Glendelian who delivered pizza to the Academy Award’s audience, and became an overnight celebrity. A real Tinsel Town story.

So our guy is now famous and he gets to appear on Ellen’s show. He truly portrays as a nice guy. In the show, Ellen hands him a large tip, $1000.00 in cash! Wow! Can I be a guest too? I wonder if he ran to his taxman right after the show or is he still thinking about it, as we know it’s another season to be jolly! This one has a bearded guy too, our favorite Uncle Sam! Good for him! Every Glendelian deserves such an amazing recognition and reward, and no one in Tinsel Town does it better then Ellen, kudos to her!

After having a good laugh, I surfed on Glendale News Press’ site, there was another young man. An outstanding athlete, “indicted with forcible rape and other charges,” this one broke my heart, how can someone destroy his young life in this horrible manner.
Two Glendale sons, two different stories. One that brightens the day, puts a smile on many faces, gives hope that life could always change overnight, just like a lottery win. Another that poured the worst possible emotions, extreme sadness and shock in my being. In this story, many lives that could have been prosperous got ruined.

How can I help? As an educator, as a force in our community. How can WE fulfill the promise of a brighter future? I believe the key is communication, openness, dialogue, plain good old talk.

Education is not all about teaching the assigned curriculum, but it is to teach about life, and all of its sweet and sour tastes. Let’s give them (our students) a taste of it. Instructional minutes are valuable, but few minutes of our class time could go a very long way, it can save someone from absolute destruction. Every mind is worth saving, especially if all we invest in are words and minutes.



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