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Chaparral 2013-2014: 22.1 Classified Council Corner

Classified Council Corner (October 2013)

Classified Council Corner: Still Smiling

by Jenny McMahon

Classified Council President


 The Classified Council Board would like to welcome everyone back for the Fall 2013 semester at Glendale Community College. We are off to a great start with our new Classified Council Board, and our new Superintendent /President, Dr. David Viar.

On Thursday, August 29, Classified Council hosted the Classified Institute Day. If you missed this great event, know that we will do our best throughout the year to update you on some of the very special presentations that were given. Dr. Viar was especially surprising with his presentation of gratitude toward all Classified Staff. This was enough to make us all smile for the rest of day and into the semester. Our guest speaker, Maureen Chenoweth, the current President of the California Community Colleges Classified Senate, gave us some very valuable information regarding the Classified Senate and our role in the governance process. Jim Wilson from Sierra College spoke briefly about his experience in working with Dr. Viar and others in the early 1980s to develop the 4Cs. For those that missed this presentation, we will be scheduling a Classified Council meeting specifically to show the video that Scott Stalnaker put together for us.

Classified Council also presented a video of the three student workers who were chosen to receive a student scholarship. The students were terrific in expressing their gratitude and sharing their experiences here at Glendale Community College, and they encouraged everyone to continue to support our fundraisers.

Please keep a “look-out” for our various events and fundraisers; and be sure to join the Classified Council for only $7 for one year. Our deadline to accept members is in December, so join now! $7 gets you a discount to the Holiday Party and a free lunch during Classified Employees Week at our end-of-the-year picnic! Membership form is available at:


Visit us on the web:



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