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Chaparral 2013-2014: About Chaparral

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About Chaparral

About Chaparral

Printed 3 or 4 times per semester, the Chaparral is published by and for the entire staff of GCC. Primary funding is by the Glendale College Guild, AFT 2276. The newsletter is dedicated to providing timely information on the campus community about any issues that affect our college, higher education, and our professional lives. Prose, poetry, art work, and opinion, as well as expository reporting, are welcome. The pages of Chaparral are open to all faculty, staff, students, and administrators. Submissions for publication should be emailed to Julie Gamberg. If you have announcements you wish printed or any questions, contact Julie at

The Chaparral Editorial Board is composed of volunteers and is open to any college staff members. The current board includes Julie Gamberg (editor-in-chief) and Zohara Kaye (production editor). Columnists are Guild President (Guild News), Academic Senate President  (Speaking of the Senate), CSEA President (CSEA Connection), Classified Council President (Classified Council Corner), Guild 2nd Vice President (Adjunct Junction), and Guild Garfield Campus Steward (Garfield Gleanings).


The editors reserve the right to edit for length, clarity and/or relevance; to publish editorial commentaries; to omit materials which in their good-faith judgment is believed to be libelous, obscene and/or offensive, or an invasion of privacy. Questions regarding this editorial policy may be directed to the editor-in-chief.
The views expressed in the articles of the Chaparral are solely those of the contributing authors.  They do not represent the views of Glendale College or the Guild.


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