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Chaparral 2019-2020: 28.4 Classified Council Notes

Classified Council Notes

by Wendy Grove
Classified Council President

As we continue living in these challenging times, we have had to alter or give up many things, including gathering together. Classified Council had to forego the spring scholarship fundraiser. That unfortunately means we will likely not be able to give out student worker scholarships for the first time in the long time that I have been involved with the organization. We also cancelled the April 30 human trafficking presentation that we were co-sponsoring with Soroptimists of Glendale and Zonta. Our events as part of Classified Employees Week and the Classified Council Picnic are also likely not going to be held this year. On behalf of the Classified Council Board, we do thank everyone who supported us in the past and we look forward to the time when we can return to our activities and fundraisers in support of student worker scholarships.

2006 Classified Council Holiday Party
Betty Musacco and GCC retiree Pat Beggs


In mentioning the past of Classified Council, I want to acknowledge the passing of one of the most influential leaders of the organization. Betty Musacco passed away in February at the age of 88. She served as president of Classified Council and was a driving force in keeping the organization active in both staff development and philanthropy. Under her leadership as president, the original Classified Council constitution from the 1970s was updated and modernized in 1991. And yes, it could use a refresh again. Thanks to Betty and her board, it will be a much simpler task.

Like many in Classified Council back in the day, when Betty retired, she joined the GCC Patrons Club. She served as president there too, once again overseeing fundraising for GCC students through the Patrons Club Grants-in-Aid.

My personal memories of Betty started when I was a student worker in the Public Information Office. Betty worked in what was then called the Evening College office, which also included the mailroom. She showed me the ropes around the mailroom and the inner workings of the college. She was always kind, funny, helpful and patient. She was my inspiration when it came to Classified Council. And as an organization, we thank her for her leadership and generosity. She is definitely missed.

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