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Chaparral 2019-2020: 28.5 Governance TidBits

Guide for Governance Committees During Campus Closures

by Frankie Strong
Governance Office Coordinator



We have much to celebrate!

We are operating ‘as usual’ in our new normal. We continue to collaborate and connect by any means possible to check in on one another. We all stepped up and continue to work hard to provide classes and services to our students. Our GCC Community is amazing! Thank you.

Speaking of collaboration, here are some important reminders.

Guidance for Governance Committees During Off-Campus Operations (because we are not closed)

During campus closures, it is likely that the business of governance committees and other decision-making bodies may need to continue, by using Zoom or other teleconferencing technology to conduct business, provided the following guidelines are followed.

  1. Call for agenda items at least five days prior to meeting date.
  2. Distribution of agenda at least three days prior to meeting date.
  3. Quorum is met (use current membership as listed on the Blue List).
  4. Be sure invite/notify ASGCC representatives.
  5. Monthly reporting of minutes and actions.
  6. Members will make every effort to attend/participate in meetings.
  7. Proxy is necessary for constituent representation and for meeting quorum.
  8. In addition to the agenda, and minutes of previous meetings, necessary support documentation for items on which action will be taken should all be circulated electronically to the committee at least three days before the meeting.
  9. The governance system automatically will switch back to in-person meetings immediately once traditional classes return to in-person, on-campus delivery.

Zoom Etiquette Tips

Great tools: record the meeting or webinar, save and download the Chat


  • Mute your audio so as not to add any distracting noise to the meeting
  • Position your camera properly – eye level, if possible
  • Avoid multi-tasking, be honest who has not?

Hosts and Users:

You can control your meeting room – no one likes to be Zoom-bombed. Manage your participants:

  • Only allow signed-in users to join
  • Lock the meeting
  • Utilize the ‘waiting room’
  • As a host you can mute participants or turn off video
  • You could also control Chat in a variety of ways.

Administrative Regulation 2511: Governance Document
GCC Faculty Resource Shell in Canvas
Governance Review Committee minutes of April 7, 2020​

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