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Chaparral 2019-2020: 28.5 Garfield Matters

by Krista Raimondo
Garfield Campus Steward

This past week we recognized, with gratitude, the pivotal role that our Continuing Education programs instructors have in our students’ lives as they continue to work with students from a distance. Remote Noncredit classes are more than “school” for our students. In addition to improving academic skills, our instructors have provided stability and familiarity for our vulnerable student population by connecting them to vital services such as counseling and unemployment. Zoom class sessions are a source of regularity, socialization, and peer connection during this time of isolation and global interruption. Outside of the virtual classroom, instructors are providing sustenance and relief by volunteering at the drive-thru food pantry. Overall, the support and innovation lead by our group of fearless instructors has helped students get the most out of their remote academic experience.

A message from Alfred Ramirez, Administrative Dean, Continuing and Community Education

Hello all,

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week. I would like to share my sincere gratitude to all of you instructors in our Continuing Education program. The service, information, leadership, knowledge, mentorship, and education you provide to our diverse population is truly invaluable. 

You have always worked hard and have always been flexible with all the life challenges that our students experience. Now more than ever have you highlighted your skills by going from classroom to zoom, in no time. As we continue to move forward during these uncertain times, I am confident that you will continue to be the great teachers you all are.



Teacher Appreciation Week

A message from Tiffany Ingle, Noncredit ESL Professional Development Coordinator

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week, 

YOU are appreciated. YOU!  If you are on this email, it means that YOU have done so much for our students this semester. Working as the professional development coordinator this semester, I have been blown away by the willingness to learn, try new things, grow beyond what you thought you could do — or even wanted to do!

YOU have done so much — and while enduring a global crisis! Your students have stayed connected to a broader community, they’ve been inspired, they’ve persisted in doing something difficult because of your persistence.  

The creativity that I’ve seen in your classes — the solutions for meeting students where they are and just going with it — it’s all amazing. You might be feeling like “I’m so behind!”  “This is not how I would ever normally teach!”  “I can’t believe we are only HERE! Normally we are on unit ___!”  But, your students are learning. They are participating in something totally optional during a crisis that could crush their mental health.  

I am so grateful to work with all of you.  I appreciate you, and when I think of all you have done.  — The late nights and early mornings. The hours on Zoom. The sitting and watching video after video of how to click the right thing! — I am just so inspired to keep going myself. Teaching has always been rewarding because of the students. And at times, I have gotten wrapped up in the reward that comes from successfully completing material and getting through my checklist. But this semester, what I am most grateful for and most inspired by is YOUR desire to make this, not just a time that we get through together, but a time where you have endeavored to make this a time of thriving, connecting, and really being.  

You may feel like you’re not getting through enough material. But what you’re doing is bringing life to a season of darkness.  THAT is what Noncredit is about. Hope, even just a little bit. Tomorrow can be better than today, somehow.

Thank you for bringing hope, brightness, connection, possibility — to our students and to each other.

You’re amazing,

Tiffany Ingle

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