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Chaparral 2011-2012: MILESTONES



Sarah Bederman will run the Mayor's Half Marathon on June 23 in Anchorage, Alaska.

Victor Castellanos (Technology & Aviation Division) graduated from Woodbury University on May 4, 2012, receiving his Master’s in Organizational Leadership.

The Chaparral won three CFT Communications Awards at the CFT Convention this year.

The GCC Concert Singers under the direction of Dr. Peter Green has been asked to sing at the Nokia Theatre at LA Live for the E3 Video Games live concert on June 6. This is a prestigious event, for an audience of thousands. The group will sing with a full orchestra.  The GCC Concert Singers performance will be the second night of the Video Game convention, which is taking place at the Los Angeles Convention Center. It will be a great advertisement of GCC to thousands of young people in the area.

Kathy Holmes's son, Jason Holmes, earned a M.S. degree in computer science from UCLA in December, 2011. Jason graduated from GCC in 2007, completing the entire math, physics, and computer science course sequences. He transferred to UCLA, where he graduated with honors and received his B.S. degree from UCLA’s Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science in 2010. Jason’s academic excellence was recognized by lifetime membership in both Tau Beta Pi and Upsilon Pi Epsilon, elite honor societies for engineers and computer scientists. In February 2012 he accepted a position as a Software Development Engineer at Microsoft Corporation and has relocated to the Seattle area.

Nalini Lasiewicz (GCC Kids Page volunteer editor) graduated Summa Cum Laude and received her B.A. in Organizational Leadership from Woodbury University in May. She is a former GCC student, earning a music certificate and providing support services as science exhibit coordinator in the Science Center.  

Kate Martin-Rowe and her husband Scott welcomed a baby boy into their family, Oscar Romel Martin-Rowe, born November 2, 2011, weighing 5 pounds 5 ounces. 

Lynne McGrath (Library) performed with Yesteryears' Dancers at the Homestead Museum's Victorian Faire on Saturday, May 5. She is also acting in the Caltech Play Readers' production of Sheila Stephenson's play An Experiment With an Airpump on Tuesday, May 8, at Caltech's Athenaeum Club. The play takes place in the 18th and 20th centuries and is concerned with science and ethical issues, and Lynne's double roles place her in both centuries.

Angela Morales has three essays out, "The Girls in My Town," in the spring 2012 issue of The Southwest Review; "Nine Days of Ruth," in the spring 2012 issue of Arts and Letters; and "Gunslinging" in the spring issue of The Baltimore Review.

Ellen Oppenberg's oldest daughter, Ashley, is graduating from CSUN on May 23 with a B.A. in psychology and is being awarded honors for her campus and community leadership.

Roberta Vadman's daughter, Kara, a sophomore geology major at Colgate University, spent five weeks in Antarctica aboard the Nathaniel B. Palmer research vessel, on the LARISSA (LARsen Ice Shelf System, Antarctica) Research Expedition 2012. The interdisciplinary research team worked 24 hours a day, in 12 hour shifts, collecting marine sediment and ice cores, deploying and recovering instruments, recovering devices left on previous expeditions, sampling mud cores, and recording data. Now back on campus, Kara is spending a second summer interning in the geology lab, where she looks at types and number of diatoms in Antarctic marine sediment core samples, some of which date back 10,000 years or more.

Vadman 1

Vadman 2 Vadman 3

Kara on Robertson Island, taking rock samples for cosmogenic age dating

Kara on the bow of the research vessel in Prince Gustav Sound Drygalski Bay:
The team worked on both biology and geology
deployments in the bay for several days.


Isman Salas (Instructional Services) and her husband, Will, are the happy parents of a baby girl.  Their daughter Sky was born on May 7, and was 22 inches long and weighed 7 pounds, 13 ounces.  Congratulations to Isman and Will! 

David Yamamoto's photographic images, documenting the recession, have been published in Planning Los Angeles, edited by David C. Sloane, published by APA Planners (2012). The book is a comprehensive look at how Los Angeles has been shaped by urban planning. 

Chaparral News

Chaparral Welcomes

Julie and Hollie

Chaparral will have two new editors this fall.
Julie Gamberg will take over as editor-in-chief, and Hollie Stewart will fill the new position of program manager. Congratulations, Julie and Hollie!


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