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Chaparral 2011-2012: Garfield Gleanings

GARFIELD Gleanings

PeopleSoft: Has it Really Been Three Years?

by Marcia Hanford and Rosemarie Shamieh


PeopleSoft has been GCC’s student online registration system now for three years. My how time flies…



     PeopleSoft is an integrated software package that allows all administrative functions of the college to operate seamlessly. It provides for interconnectivity between human resources, admissions, finance and records. In essence, this complex information system is designed to provide the entire campus community with college-wide data integration and the ability to enhance reporting and data analysis capabilities.


     It was known that the intricacies of PeopleSoft would require time to fine tune. Now that we’re concluding our seventh term since PeopleSoft was implemented, we took the opportunity to review where we’ve been and what lies ahead. With the understanding that the project team is still working on resolving system bugs that affect continuing education students, a status update has been compiled for our administration.

     Here are two of the issues and our temporary fixes:

  • When completing the GCC online application, students are told that an ID number will be assigned, after which they can register. This can take days, so anyone planning to register for a class with an imminent start date is derailed. To counteract this major obstacle, we have announcements on multiple web-pages telling students to “Go to the first class no matter what” and “Come to the Garfield Campus for registration assistance.” Staff members then resolve each individual challenge—one student at a time.
  • Registration contains an additional set of problems. The system is not designed for nontraditional, open-entry/open-exit classes that allow for overlapping enrollment. Hence, students are denied access to classes because of a “time conflict.” Again, if students come to the first class or come to the Garfield campus, staff members override these barriers and enroll each student.

     We are grateful to those at Garfield who willingly implement these interim measures to serve our students on a daily basis.



     For assistance with PeopleSoft problems, contact the help desk at ext. 4357 (HELP).


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