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Chaparral 2011-2012: CSEA Connection


by Hoover Zariani, CSEA President

As your new Chapter 76 President, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for allowing me to serve in this position.  My hope is that we will continue to improve communication with each other as well as with other constituencies on campus.  Times are tough and we need to be kind toward each other.

      As I took over from Saodat (big shoes to fill), I felt it was important for the new Executive Board to set some goals, and so we had a mini-retreat on campus and worked together to come up with ideas about the types of things we can do to help members.

      The group work was great and we came up with many ideas which we will begin to implement over the course of the year.  With the tough budget situation, other than dealing with the budget crisis, we also need to focus on the great work that members are doing and to provide more opportunities to acknowledge and thank staff.  I hope that you will watch your inbox for opportunities where you can nominate yourself or a colleague for recognition.

     Many of you have shared your concerns, ideas, frustrations, hopes, and thoughts with me already.  I hope all of you will feel comfortable in sharing with me or any of your Executive Cabinet members.  Our work, while it may be individual in nature, is part of the larger picture of this campus and we need to keep communication lines open.  I believe others have often said what I am trying to say much better, so I will rely on their wisdom and share a favorite quote with you each time.  Until next time…

“ It always seems impossible until it's done.”--Nelson Mandela


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