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Chaparral 2011-2012: CSEA Connection


by Hoover Zariani, CSEA President

Politics is a peculiar game.

Unfortunately, as employees in the public sector, we are all participants in this game whether we like it or not.  Our survival in this next political season depends on the outcome of many political factors.  Yes, the tax initiative to help fund higher education is one of the main factors in how well (or terribly) we fare in the next year.  However, there are many other initiatives that will also impact our daily lives.  As in other states, there are forces that are trying to strip away employee rights even here in “liberal” California through deceptive means.  From the “deceptive paycheck campaign” which is making its third run on the ballot, to “pension reform” which will impact everyone who plans to retire in the future, there are obstacles we must overcome together.

     Let me be clear that in this election, we are fighting for our livelihood. 

     Fortunately, as individuals and as a collective, we can do something about all this.  In the coming weeks and months, you will hear more about these initiatives and how you can help.  The state CSEA will be asking each campus to become involved in a variety of ways, such as phone calling and district walking. As I learn of these opportunities, I will share them and ask for volunteers to help in the cause.

     Your participation is not only important, it is vital to our survival.  Let’s work together (staff, students, and faculty) to educate our friends, our families, and our community.  It is the only way we can survive these troubled times.


“Poetry is about the grief.  Politics is about the grievance.” –Robert Frost



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