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Chaparral 2011-2012: Adjunct Junction

Adjunct Junction

Adjunct Junction by Phyllis Eckler, Guild 2nd Vice President


Everyone is feeling on pins and needles with the uncertainty of the times. I wanted to update adjunct faculty on some district issues that will be coming our way in the next few months.

   If you are not going to be teaching or working outside the college much after fall’s final exams, you might want to apply for unemployment benefits, which will pay weekly benefits until spring semester starts. A “how-to” article on filing for unemployment benefits can be found on the Guild website at

     Trigger 2 in the state budget is looming, and no one knows yet if the governor will have to pull the plug on education and implement further cuts to our college budget. As we know from past experience, when colleges are given cuts to their base funding, courses are eliminated and along with them, students and fellow adjunct faculty. Everyone is just waiting for the December 15 report. Only then will be able to discuss what our district budget committee and the union can do to mitigate any serious loss of funding.

     The Rehire Rights list for fall 2011 is being assembled by Human Resources from years of evaluations. As a result of last year’s negotiations, the criteria for inclusion in the pool of adjunct faculty who must be hired before others, have changed. Those who have one “exceeds standards” evaluation within ten semesters will now be eligible for the list. The list is not available yet, which may put those looking at possible course reductions on edge. The Guild is trying to make sure that all who should rightfully be hired first have a chance to look over the results of HR’s compilation before it is finalized—probably in the spring semester.

     Finally, the Guild is taking suggestions for openers for our next three year contract. It is important that adjunct faculty send their suggested changes or requests to our Guild president, Isabelle Saber, within the next few weeks. Suggestions that were made to me, during an impromptu visit to the Adjunct Office Annex, included extra pay for those holding doctorate degrees as well as proportional cuts in overload courses when adjuncts sections are being cut. These are the kinds of ideas that can be proposed at this time. A list of possible openers will be submitted to the Guild membership for a prioritizing selection this spring. Make sure you are a member so that your vote can be registered. Membership costs nothing extra but allows adjunct faculty to have a say in the development of our next contract. A membership form can be found at &


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Phyllis Eckler

Phyllis Eckler

For any comments or question, Phyllis Eckler can be reached at or at extension 1122.

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