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Chaparral 2011-2012: Speaking of the Senate...

Speaking of The Senate

by Mike Scott, Academic Senate President

The Academic Senate finished a productive academic year.  Below you will find the highlights of the Senate’s actions.

  • Motion 2011-21 The use of publisher supplemental materials in a course offering is voluntary and may be used solely at the discretion of the instructor. These support materials, whether in printed or electronic format may not be mandated or prohibited by the administration, division chairs or department coordinators. Academic freedom and instructor prerogative is to be respected.

  • Motion 2011-22 The Senate amends the Senate bylaws to add the Curriculum and Instruction Committee as a new Senate committee.

  • Motion 2011-25 The Senate approves the revised job description for the new Associate Dean, Curriculum Management.

  • Motion 2011-26 The Senate approves the revised IHAC/CHAC/SSHAC proposed changes.

  • Motion 2011-27 The President of the Senate shall report on master planning on at least a per-semester basis.

  • Motion 2011-28 The Senate approves the revised job description for the Articulation Officer.
    Note: Administration to be informed of Senate view that this is faculty employee, not released time position, and specific hours should be allocated to articulation duties.

  • Motion 2011-29  The Senate accepts AR 4100 Graduation Requirements For Degrees and Certificates of Achievement.

  • Motion 2011-31  The Senate accepts AR 4228 Course Repetition – Significant Lapse of Time.

  • Motion 2011-32 The Senate accepts AR 4255 Dismissal and Reinstatement as amended with the following changes.
    à Last two sentences under Dismissal will be struck.
    à After two consecutive terms that a student is on academic or progress probation or a combination of both, the student shall not be able to register in a subsequent short session until the student’s probationary status is removed.

  • Motion 2011-33  The Senate requests that the yearly Ancillary Adjunct Stipend be increased to $15,000.

  • Motion 2011-34 The Senate refers the task of developing an E-Materials policy addressing the appropriate uses, restrictions, regulations and liabilities of instructional e-materials to the Distance Education Committee.

  • Motion 2011-36 The Senate creates a taskforce to respond to the Student Success Task Force Recommendations.

  • Motion 2011-37 The Senate requests the Administration conduct studies on IT Infrastructure, building maintenance, furniture replacement, and other bond-fundable needs for the entire District in anticipation of a future bond measure.

  • Motion 2012-01 The Senate accepts a score of 3 on the psychology AP exam as satisfying the Psychology 101 requirement.

  • Motion 2012-02 The Senate adds a Librarian to the C & I committee as a voting member.

  • Motion 2012-04 The Senate creates a taskforce to revise the IHAC policy, rejects the hiring priorities table circulated by the administration, accepts the ranking recommendations in the IHAC committee’s email, and directs the Senate President to take a request to the Board that, if hiring is going to take place, Non-Credit ESL be at the top of the list.

  • Motion 2012-06 The President of the Senate will inquire with the bookstore with regard to why textbooks are being under-ordered.

  • Motion 2012-08 The Senate approves a change to the minimum qualifications of the Math discipline to a Master’s in mathematics or applied mathematics OR Bachelor’s in either of the above AND Master’s in statistics, physics, or mathematics education AND a minimum of 12 semester units in graduate level coursework in pure or applied mathematics OR the equivalent.

  • Motion 2012-10 The Senate amends the bylaws to include the faculty C & I co-chair to be an official resource member of the Academic Senate.

Motions added to agenda at Senate and passed: 

  • When Senate budget line items are being considered, the college shall adhere to its budgetary procedures.

  • The Senate directs the IHAC committee to follow academic year 2010-2011 criteria, including those with respect to SLOs, in ranking hiring priorities.

  • The Senate shall review and update IHAC and SSHAC policies, including their alignment with current planning processes and accreditation standards.

  • The Senate urges the Board to hire an internal candidate for the position of Interim President of the College.

  • The Senate has deep reservations with regard to the dormitory project without appropriate research being carried out to determine its feasibility and impact on the college.

Next Year’s Senate and Senate Executive

     At the time of this writing, the Senate is holding elections for three senators-at-large. The candidates are Greg Perkins, Piper Rooney, John Queen, and Murray Stach.  Divisions re-elected Michael Scott, Yvette Ybarra and Bob Gellert to the Senate.

     The Senate will elect new officers on May 17. Nominees are Nancy Getty for 1st Vice President, Cindy Pollack 2nd Vice President, Andy Young Treasurer, and Roger Dickes Secretary. The Senate Executive Committee will be saying good-bye to Alice Mecom. Alice has served as 1st Vice President and Secretary for many years. She will be missed, and we wish her success as the new chair of Noncredit ESL.

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