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Design Thinking at GCC

Design Thinking Final Team Project & Presentation

Your final team design thinking project will be a compilation of the results from the work you completed throughout the semester. Final project should be designed using software (PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.), video, a web site, infographic, poster - anything your team believes will best reflect your process, the decisions you made along the way and justification for those decisions, and the final outcome of your efforts. All team members should have an active role in contributing to the team project. The project should reflect the collective effort of the team.

Your final team presentation will be presented in class during our final exam period. All students are expected to participate in the presentation, which should last between 15 - 20 minutes. You will be presenting your work in a supportive, nonjudgmental, collaborative environment, so expect to enjoy sharing your accomplishments with others and prepare yourself for a warm reception.

Assignment Snapshot

• Introduction of team members and topic
• Your problem statement
• Overview of topic (from your project overview)
• Overview of solution you designed to address the problem (this should be the largest part of your presentation)
• Next steps: What you would do next if you had more time to work on the project

You should also spend a few minutes discussing:

• Your team's greatest challenges
• Your team's greatest rewards
• The most meaningful thing you will take away individually from working on the design thinking project

All team members should have an active role in helping to create the final team presentation, which should reflect the collective effort of the team.

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